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Federation of Share Registrars Limited (the "Federation") is an organisation approved by The Securities and Futures Commission under Section 12 of the Securities and Futures (Stock Market Listing) Rules. The main purpose of establishing the Federation is to promote interests and business of share registrars in Hong Kong and to enhance professional standards of the share registrar industry.

All the members of the Federation are approved share registrars under the "Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited".


證券登記公司總會有限公司(「總會」) 為證券及期貨事務監察委員會根據《證券及期貨(在證券市場上市)規則》附錄12所核准成立的組織,成立的主要目的是為香港股份過戶登記機構爭取權益及推廣業務,並提高業界的專業水平。


08 Apr 2020 Responses on the Joint Consultation Paper on a Revised Operational Model for Implementing an Uncertifi
08 Apr 2020 有關在香港實施無紙證券市場的經修改運作模式的聯合諮詢文件對諮詢文件的回應
08 Apr 2020 Joint Consultation Conclusions on a Revised Operational Model for Implementing an Uncertificated Securities Market in Hong Kong
08 Apr 2020 有關在香港實施無紙證券市場的經修改運作模式的聯合諮詢總結
08 Apr 2020 Joint Press Release - Joint Consultation Conclusions on the Model for an Uncertificated Securities Market
08 Apr 2020 聯合新聞稿 - 有關無紙證券市場模式的聯合諮詢總結
28 Jan 2019 Joint consultation on the model for an uncertificated securities market
28 Jan 2019 就無紙證券市場的模式展開聯合諮詢
27 Mar 2015 Securities and Futures and Companies Legislation (Uncertificated Securities Market Amendment) Ordinance 2015 gazetted


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