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Application for Membership

Federation of Share Registrars Limited
Membership Entry Requirements

Approval criteria

An application for membership will not be approved unless:

1. the applicant is a company limited by shares incorporated or registered under the Companies Ordinance (Cap.622, Laws of Hong Kong);
2. the applicant undertakes to appoint and retain at all times during which it carries on share registrar business, to the satisfaction of the Federation, at least one authorised representative to act as its principal channel of communications with the Federation, who shall be a member of The Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute, a solicitor or barrister as defined in the Legal Practitioners Ordinance (Cap.159, Laws of Hong Kong) or a professional accountant or any other individual acceptable to the Federation;
3. the applicant has sound financial background and undertakes to take out and maintain at all times during which it carries on share registrar business, to the satisfaction of the Federation, such indemnity insurance as the Federation may reasonably prescribe from time to time; and
4. the applicant has paid in full the application fee and undertakes to pay in full the subscription fee and all reasonable fees and charges from time to time prescribed by the Federation. The schedule specifying the amount of application fee, subscription fee and other fees and charges payable to the Federation is available upon request.
Application for membership
1. Each applicant is required to complete and submit to the Federation the application form prescribed by the Federation. Application form is available upon request.
2. Each application form must be signed by the applicant and two proposers who must be members of the Federation.
3. Each application must be accompanied by such documents and information as the Federation may require from time to time including, without limitation, copies of the following documents certified by a director of the applicant:

1. certificate of incorporation;
2. memorandum and articles of association;
3. business registration certificate; and
4. latest annual return.
4. Application should be submitted to the Federation at the following address:

The Honorary Secretary
Federation of Share Registrars Limited
Level 54, Hopewell Centre
183 Queen's Road East
Hong Kong

Approval of application
1. Each application will be considered by the Executive Committee of the Federation (the “Executive Committee”).
2. The Executive Committee has full discretion whether to approve or refuse an application and its decision shall be final and conclusive. The Executive Committee is entitled to refuse an application.
3. Each applicant will be informed by written notice as to whether its application is approved or refused. The Federation will notify the Securities and Futures Commission of each successful application.
4. Approval of an application may be subject to such conditions as the Executive Committee may prescribe from time to time.
5. A membership certificate will be issued to the successful applicant.
6. Each member should ensure that it and its staff conduct themselves in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Share Registrars as issued by The Securities and Future Commission in October 2001. A breach of the requirements of this Code will reflect adversely on the member and its status as a member of the Federation and may result in disciplinary action.

All enquiries relating to application for membership should be addressed to the Federation at :

The Honorary Secretary
Federation of Share Registrars Limited
17/F, Far East Finance Centre
16 Harcourt Road
Hong Kong

Tel: 2980-1735
Fax: 2861-1465

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